Sistem Kendali (Control System)

Identitas Mata Kuliah

  • Kode Mata Kuliah: TKE192221
  • SKS Mata Kuliah: 2 SKS
  • Semester Mata Kuliah: 4
  • Sifat Mata Kuliah: Teknik Elektro Inti (TEI)


  1. Pertemuan 1
  2. Pertemuan 2
  3. Pertemuan 3
  4. Pertemuan 4
  5. Pertemuan 5
  6. Pertemuan 6
  7. Pertemuan 7


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  • Farid Golnaraghi and Benjamin C. Kuo, Automatic Control Systems [website]
  • Brian Douglas, The Fundamentals of Control Theory [website][ebook]
  • Pao C. Chau, Process Control: A First Course With MATLAB [website]
  • Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray, Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers [website]
  • R.V. Dukkipati, Analysis and Design of Control Systems using MATLAB


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